About pub.green

How it works?

We detect when a new version of the package is available on pub.dev or a new Flutter version is released and build the package’s example application for the supported platforms to test its compatibility with the Flutter version.

We also run static code analysis and unit tests (if there are any). If there is no example application, building for platforms is skipped.

If the build passes without any issues, you are safe to use the package with the tested Flutter version. If the versions are incompatible or we detect issues, you’ll see the respective information immediately.


Build results are mapped to compatibility as follows:

No issues were found, you’re good to go!
The package builds for all the supported platforms but there are failing tests or analyzer errors.
There are compatibility issues. This means that the build has failed for at least one supported platform.
No information is available

How can package maintainers do the same validation?

The codemagic.yaml file used to configure the build is attached to every build result, giving visibility about the commands that were run during the build. You can download the configuration file and use it for configuring your build on Codemagic or run the same commands locally. If you have questions or concerns about a specific result, contact us at pubgreen@codemagic.io.